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Beautiful florals that are everlasting?

One of the biggest floral trend making a comeback right now must be everlasting florals.

We have been working with everlasting blooms for years now, so happy they are back in the spotlight. 

For those of you new to them, a quick introductory to the two main types of everlasting florals, Dried VS Preserved florals. Dried florals are fresh cut florals that were hung upside down left to dehydrate, while maintaining their overall structure, transforming to a different shade of colour. Preserved florals are fresh cut florals that went through a quick drying process and then a ‘rehydration’ process, making them flexible and appear almost just as they are when fresh. Preserved florals are often made in amazing colours making it possible to match any space you can imagine.

Having fresh cut florals dried or preserved,  is almost like magic.

They look amazing in arrangements, and gives a whole new dimension of textures and colour palette versus fresh florals.  Once arranged, there is very little care needed, simply avoid handling as they can be brittle and avoid moisture. Just one small note, since they require more processing time, they are slightly more costly compared to fresh cut florals, but they will last for years to come, a great piece to invest in.

There is a growing variety of dried and preserved floral in the production line over the last few years and we see increasing popularity among our customers. We love designing with them as dried/preserved flowers can add colours and textures that fresh florals are not able to deliver and creating unique arrangements that will be a keepsake for years.

Everlasting flowers and fresh-cut florals also go hand-in-hand, there are literally endless designs possibility for wedding and events, with the wide combinations of colours and textures available.

Come by to our floral studio to take a look and experience our everlasting floral collections in person, or order online for a perfect piece for your home or as a gift that surely will not disappoint!


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