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Balconi Floral Design - 14 years in the making...

“All Set!”- as we got ready for Valentine’s this year 2020. Rows and rows of arrangements fresh blooms and plants, looking and smelling gorgeous ready for our amazing clients. It’s one of the most beloved occasions of the year and also the day Balconi Floral Design opened its doors Valentine’s Day 2006, now before we know it - it was our 14th year anniversary celebration! As we embarked this 14th year, we had in works lots of exciting projects and plans for 2020, we couldn’t wait to share with all of you!

Unfortunately, together with the world, our plans were put on halt. In this unprecedented circumstance with the Covid-19 virus, the year 2020 is now put on hold. When we heard the City of Vancouver was placed in a State of Emergency, without hesitation, we immediately closed our doors to cooperate with the social distancing rules in place for the city. It was our utmost priority to put a pause on our plans, and temporarily close our doors for the safety of our customers, our team and for the public. We will do our best to help in any way we can to stop the spread of the virus, especially to the elders and vulnerable ones in our community. Our hearts goes out to all those who were directly affected by this vicious virus, and also cheers to the front line workers who continue to provide essential services!

We have experienced a lot of twists, turns and bumps in the road over the last 14 years of business; however, this unthinkable situation has to be one of the biggest hurdles to face since we opened our business and caused immense financial burdens. Small companies like ours got hit the hardest by the economical downturn caused by this difficult pandemic. Not to mention, our way of doing business will be never be the same, but to adopt to a new way to operate to keep the business moving forward.

Our business is now navigating through a new way of operation. We are blessed to be able to help spread love and care in our city through flowers together with our floral industry. We are deeply grateful and want to thank every one of you and our customers for supporting us during this devastating time.

XoXo, Steph

Photo credit: Denise Lin Photography

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