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Frequent Asked Questions

  • How far in advance should I book with a florist?
    We suggest booking 6-12 months before your wedding event to ensure availability.
  • What information do I need to provide Balconi before booking a wedding consultation?
    Please send us your wedding date, venue, colour theme, wedding flower requirements and any other information regarding your wedding ahead of time to help us prepare of the consultation. To book your consultation, please fill in our consultation form.
  • How long does the consultation last and do you charge for a consultation?
    Typically the consultation takes about 45 mins to complete. Currently, we offer a complimentary 45 minute consultation.
  • What should I bring to the wedding consultation?
    Swatches for your dress, bridesmaid’s dress, linens, pictures of the venue, etc. If you are able to let us know of your budget, we would be able to make better suggestions to suit your budget.
  • Who should attend the wedding consultation?
    We prefer to have the bride and groom only during the consultation so we can focus more on talking to the couple’s wedding flower requirement. For the best experience, we prefer to have at most 2 people in total during the consultation.
  • Can I just come in for a consultation without calling in?
    It’s recommended that you book a time for consultation so we can give you full undivided attention during the consultation.
  • Would you be able to meet at another location for the wedding consultation?
    We prefer to do the consultation at our shop since we are able to show you possible flower selections, vases, etc.
  • Do you have a package or price list I can take a look at?
    As every wedding we do is highly customizable, we only provide pricing upon consultation. Floral detail selections will be provided upon booking with a deposit.
  • How much time do I have to make a decision after I receive the quote?
    Typically we hold your wedding date for 2 weeks after we release the quote.
  • Are taxes included in the quote?
    When we present the quote, we will break down the flower cost, delivery/setup and total with applicable taxes.
  • Do you offer delivery, setup and take down?"
    Yes, we offer all 3 services and please let us know if you require these services during the time of consultation. We will add this amount to the quote. The cost depends on the size of the wedding, location and complexity of delivery.
  • How much should I expect the deposit to be?
    We usually charge 50% of the total floral bill as non-refundable deposit with applicable taxes.
  • Do you accept cash deal to avoid taxes?
    We must comply with Revenue Canada to collect all applicable taxes for goods and service sold.
  • Is it possible to make changes to the flower selections after the agreement upon deposit?
    We will accommodate small changes within reason. If you require major changes, additional charges may apply for consultation and difference in floral pricing adjustments.
  • Do you guarantee all the flower selections?
    We will do our best to get the floral selections as discussed during the consultation. The availability of the flowers have dependencies of the weather, shipment and quality. If we are unable to get a particular selection, we will inform you with the next best alternative.
  • Can I rent items such as vases from you?
    We do have rental items such as vases and pillars through our own wedding rental supplier. Please inquire about our rental services during the wedding consultation.
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